TREE CARR is a London-based Filmmaker, Musician and Death Doula.  

As a director, her short film ‘Into The Blue’ won audience choice award at The London Underground Film Festival 2012 and her fashion films for designers David David and Child of the Jago screened exclusively with London Fashion Week at Somerset House, London.  As a musician, she has worked with a variety of London based artists including Douglas Hart of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Adam Ant and Christian Marclay.

Tree is an avid Lucid Dreamer and looks to her dreams for creative inspiration, self exploration, healing and the personal expansion of greater consciousness. She’s been journaling her lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and O.B.Es for over 20 years.  She is currently training to become a Death Doula and plans to incorporate her creativity into helping people at the end of their lives.


We discovered filmmaker Tree Carr after stumbling upon a thought-provoking essay of hers that analyzed her twenty-year archive of dream journals.  We reached out to Tree, asking her if she’d be open to writing a piece for us about the way her dreams influence her creative inspiration, self-exploration, and expansion of consciousness.  In this issue revolving around the idea of ‘wandering,’ we wanted to find someone who explores and utilizes the mysterious, liminal state of dreaming that we inhabit for one-third of our lives.

In a pleasant twist, Tree proposed instead to create a short film on the subject, and we are proud and lucky to publish the result above.  Dive into Tree’s life as a dreamer through her eclectic, evocative aesthetic in her short film, DREAM BABY DREAM.




A film by Tree Carr

10 minutes




Published: November 24th, 2016

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