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Take a trip around this site. Since 2011 we’ve done our best to offer useful and compelling information to our readers.

Seymour Magazine offers you original content as well as a selection of stimulating images and texts culled from the creative past.

Seymour Magazine provides you with philosophical and psychological insights into the creative process, encourages you to incorporate more ‘play’ into your life and stimulates you to nurture your imagination. It also introduces you to a fascinating selection of iconoclastic creators who take regular breaks from technology to explore their subconscious. We hope that our content will inspire you to overcome self-doubt and pursue your own creative instincts.

Seymour Magazine doesn’t follow trends. We focus on subjects related to our mission and feature creative people whose efforts we admire.


Dedicated to philosophers, pilgrims & punks. Champion of outcasts, marginal thinkers & iconoclasts.

Published: March 2nd, 2016

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