We’re taking a break for the holidays!

SEYMOUR+ space will be closed from Dec. 22nd to Jan. 5th.

So much has happened this year for us that it’s challenging to distill it down to a short note.  Since the SEYMOUR+ space officially opened its doors to the public last January 8th, 2015 we have welcomed hundreds of visitors and international press, exchanged ideas with a plethora of fascinating, influential people who have been drawn to our mission. Had dozens of ‘meet and greets’ and brainstorm meetings with therapists, business leaders, psychologists, philosophers, and all sorts of other forward-thinking people with fascinating projects of their own. We hope to collaborate with as many of them as possible in 2016 and beyond.

In an effort to maximize the SEYMOUR+space’s potential so that it can be of greatest benefit to our visitors, we have also begun offering a program of ‘after hours’ talks and workshops in both French and English.  We’re so happy to report that as a result of all these initiatives we have forged strong ties with our visitors and enjoy a wonderful community. We are thrilled to see you all coming to engage with the space with increasing regularity.

We’ve also weathered some more difficult experiences: a few random attempts at breaking and entering, smashed in windows, administrative curve balls, and most importantly we endured two major terrorist attacks mere blocks from our space during the first 11 months since we opened. These latter, unexpected and tragic acts, were certainly challenging to us, but rather than weaken us, they strengthened our resolve to keep our doors open and continue to offer the public a place of calm and respite.

On a more intimate note, as you will be able to ascertain from reading the content of this magazine, our beloved colleague Will Kitson is moving back to London at the end of this year. We will miss him tremendously. That said, after having processed our emotions over the course of many snot & tear-filled group hugs, we are now all resolved to welcome the next chapter with serenity. We shall embrace the new and turn clear-eyed toward the future. We understand that in life the only constant is change and that one must accept it with grace and openness.

We are excited for 2016. We look forward to introducing you to Lawrence Neil who has graciously accepted to take over Will’s duties as SEYMOUR+ space Manager and Managing Editor of this magazine. We also have lots of other exciting events, partnerships and projects planned for the New Year. We’ll tell you all about them, and Lawrence, in our next issue.

In the meantime, we leave you with a happy photo from our recent Holiday party.


Wishing you all a wonderful last few days of 2016.

Rock + Roll,

Melissa, Will & Nora



Published: December 20th, 2015

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