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GIAN KAMAL: Energetically Enhanced

CORINNA SPRINGER a.k.a. GIAN KAMAL is an energy worker, artist and the founder of Nouveau PR. Born in Germany and currently living in New York, Corinna began her career working with Japanese designer, Shinichiro Arakawa, before going on to become public relations manager of Girault-Totem and then public relations director at Rogan. She was also tapped to direct the re-launch of Helmut Lang before deciding to found her own company, Nouveau PR. Her latest project, Gian Kamal, is an innovative clothing line designed to interact with the consciousness of the wearer. The clothing – printed with photographs of Gian Kamal’s artwork – combines Corinna’s passions of art, fashion and healing, and strives to offer products that are tools for a hyper conscious lifestyle.

Interview by Will Kitson

Gian Kamal Collection designed by Corinna Springer | Photo by Lee

Gian Kamal Collection designed by Corinna Springer | Photo by Lee

Gian Kamal is a highly innovative clothing collection that is a marriage of art, healing and fashion. Tell us about what triggered this project. What was the inception point?

Shortly after realizing that I wasn’t spending much time being creative anymore and that I had been neglecting my artistic nature for at least 10 years I made a conscious choice to paint again. When I went back to painting with more commitment it sparked a new artistic process, one that was much more fun than what I used to do, and that led me to realizing that I personally could express a lot more through this type of work, and even channel certain energies into it, playing with the shapes and symbols and colors. I was excited about this new creative process and that led to printing one of my collages on silk as a birthday present for a friend, who then suggested that I should create a line of silk scarves. Somehow that idea stuck with me. It was a first impulse and upon consulting with a medium whom I trust a lot I got confirmation and also more information on what I was to do, namely infusing healing vibrations not only into scarves, but also clothes and sheets, creating a high vibrating environment. At first it seemed a bit far off from where I was at that moment, but then, by following my excitement, one of my favorite mantras­ and after asking the universe to show me the way, everything came together quite fast. The following week after my consultation with the medium I met the person who would help me with the sampling process, sourcing materials etc. From then on the ball got rolling. A month later I went to see Amma (the hugging saint) and saw how some of her saris that she had been wearing were reused to create meditation mats, pillows and blankets, because of the out of this world high frequencies that emanate from her… I could indeed feel her energy so strongly in the cloth that I took that as yet another confirmation for what was possible and came back super humbled by the experience.

Gian Kamal Collection by Corinna Springer | Photo by Lee

Gian Kamal Collection by Corinna Springer | Photo by Lee

You’ve said that the clothes ‘interact with the consciousness of the wearer and become vibrational tools, that can enhance one’s well­being, leaving the wearer with a feeling of protection and ease.’ Please tell us a bit about the process you employ through which this is made possible.

The process starts with the art work and the channeling of healing energies into the very process. I like to refer to Max Planck who could be considered the founder of quantum theory – he basically states that everything is energy. Vibrating at lower levels energy is dense and appears to be matter. Vibrating at higher frequencies it has less density and is invisible to our eyesight. An energy worker for example is able to channel very high frequencies that are all around us, yet invisible to the naked eye through their body and into the patient, space or object, into the denser realms. In the case of my work with Gian Kamal, higher frequencies are being channeled into the artwork through the creative process itself. Then the art is being printed on the fabric raising the overall vibration of the cloth, giving it an energetic signature that can be uplifting, healing and in some instances even activating energy centers in the body of the wearer. This process will differ from person to person, exactly like a healing session is also being perceived differently by different people. I asked a couple of psychics how they perceive the energy of the clothing and one of them said that the clothes have the potential to put a woman in touch with her divinity / higher self aspect, which is probably the biggest statement I could hope for. For this first collection I focused on healing energies, but there are many other characteristics that I will express and facilitate this way in future collections… If someone isn’t super sensitive, at the very least the Gian Kamal collection can function as just a reminder to the wearer that it is supposed to be uplifting, whether the person believes in that property or not. So at that first level the wearer is invited to recognize and consciously interact with their Gian Kamal clothes as a tool. Upon seeing the dreamy prints they are reminded of the quality and can put on the kaftan as a reminder to feel good, just as if you were putting on a song that makes you feel good.

As well as creating Gian Kamal, you’re also the founder of Nouveau PR – a cutting edge PR firm. On your website one reads ‘Corinna Springer a.k.a. gian kamal kaur.’ It’s interesting that you’ve chosen an alias. Tell us a bit about these two selves.

Corinna Springer is my birth name. Nouveau PR has been and still is my identity for the majority of people. Gian Kamal is my spiritual name and embodies my function / purpose on this planet. In the Sikh tradition one recites and hears their spiritual name as it serves as a constant reminder of one’s way of being in life, one’s contribution to others. Gian Kamal means the consciousness of the pure lotus. It is symbolic of being grounded in reality (the roots of the lotus are under water in the muddy ground) while at the same time emanating beauty and consciousness (the petals are above the water), being in different realms at the same time, bringing light and wisdom. Gian Kamal then speaks to the essence of who I am as a soul, bridging other realities / existences, and channeling them into everything that I am doing consciously or unconsciously. And similarly the collection is exactly that. I was over the moon when I got my spiritual name and its meaning, because it means so much and is the perfect name for the clothing line as well.

Gian Kamal Collection by Corinna Springer | Photo by Lee

Gian Kamal Collection by Corinna Springer | Photo by Lee

You’ve said that the prints on the clothing are made of photographs of Gian Kamal Kaur’s artworks, ‘consisting of an alchemical approach to the canvas, wherein higher dimensional frequencies are infused into painting and collage.’ Tell us about how you create these paintings / collages and the alchemical process.

When I came to realize that I could use elements of collage in paintings and vice versa the use of pre-existing shapes and patterns as symbolic elements became evident. I began narrating stories of transformation and healing through the meanings I was giving to certain shapes, colors and layers within the paintings. I then also started using ancient healing symbols as unseen layers, to reinforce and imprint the higher vibrational energy, and I use healing rituals that I have learned over the years in various healing systems before I begin a new artwork, as well as throughout the process.

The collection is currently exclusively sleep and leisure wear. Tell us why the clothes specifically suit these two states of being.

The healing vibrations are perfectly suited to accompany the wearer through the night, and in terms of leisure wear they can enhance meditative practice. I also created this collection with my girlfriends in mind, and the many women who work from home and just want to feel and look good. For those who may need to run out to get coffee or open the door to messengers, without wanting to change into real day wear.

Gian Kamal Collection by Corinna Springer | Photo by Lee

Gian Kamal Collection by Corinna Springer | Photo by Lee

You say that Gian Kamal clothes can be used as a ‘ritual tool’. That’s intriguing. Please elaborate on that.

The term ritual implies a conscious action to me, and as a healer and teacher I often give my clients mantras to raise their vibration, to repel negative thought-forms etc. When the wearer is wearing Gian Kamal consciously with the goal of repelling negative thought-forms, the clothing can become a tool for just that. Any object or piece of clothing can potentially be used as a tool since our beliefs and definitions about this object create our reality. For example, if I declare a piece of regular clothing that I love my good luck charm and I wear it when I feel great, this piece of clothing can be a tool for that. Likewise, when I don’t feel so good about myself the clothing can act as a reminder of sorts. I could program this piece of clothing to make me feel good, just through mere intent.

That’s in a nutshell how magic works, it’s energy and intent. And anything can be a tool for that, not only clothes. I could then create a piece of clothing to be protective or empowering, for example, so that the original intent / idea is present from the beginning; and that is what I do as well, and every designer does it, it’s not necessarily conscious, but the creative process for a jacket, for example, that includes the thoughts of protection and maybe empowerment may greatly influence how the customer feels wearing it. I’m convinced that some successful designers know this and use this creative process to their advantage.

You’re passionate about metaphysics. Who are your favorite thinkers?

PLATO, the cave allegory is probably my favorite piece of writing, as it reflects my own perception of reality. The cave is our three dimensional reality, our current level of perception, yet there is so much more and luckily many more people are waking up to this fact and are “leaving the cave”. Karl Pribram and Michael Talbot’s research and conclusions on the holographic nature of reality are also important to me, and actually very much in alignment with Plato’s cave. It’s an absolutely fascinating topic and right up there with quantum physics theory of entanglement and what amazes me the most about all of these theories is that they confirm the most ancient wisdoms that have been expressed eons ago in sacred scriptures such as the Vedas.


Published: September 17th, 2015

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