Think like a goat

A case for thinking like a goat

We recently stumbled across these bizarre images of Moroccan goats suspended in the most precarious of positions upon the spindly branches of Argan trees. No they’re not fake, and yes the goats got themselves up there totally unaided. These intrepid little adventurers hop, jump and scale the thorny trunks – which can grow up to 10 meters – in order to feast on the tree’s fruit.

Think like a goat 2But why are these images so strange and seemingly out of the ordinary? Well, for most of us goats aren’t seen as tree-climbers, and we instead prefer to imagine them firmly rooted to the ground. Surely this attitude of imposing limits is something that many of us can relate to: ‘I can’t achieve this or that because I lack the skills or the know-how or I simply can’t imagine myself doing it.’

However, each and every one of us has the power to go on and do something totally unprecedented – we each have the ability to lay down a flag well and truly outside of our comfort zones. All the great inventors and creatives and sports people and entrepreneurs achieved what they did because they cast off their so-called limitations.

And as for the goats? Well no-one told them that goats can’t climb trees.


W.K. 2015

Published: September 17th, 2015

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