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Dear reader,

From September of this year, we will begin publishing Seymour Magazine every two weeks instead of weekly. This long thought-out decision was taken as we continue to evolve and push ourselves forward. We don’t by any means plan to diminish the content we deliver to you; in fact, this decision was made so that each issue is an even more concentrated dose of stimulation and inspiration.

We will also begin focusing more on the iconoclastic thinkers and creatives from our direct community here in Paris while at the same time continuing to reach further afield, giving voice to philosophers, pilgrims, and punks from all over the world. We’ll also, this month, be introducing you to our latest columnist, Michael Chaney, a professor at the Savannah College of Art & Design, Michael is also a priest; we like to think of him as the punk preacher. In his personal essay series he’ll be exploring the nature and importance of spirituality in the 21st Century, and more.

We’re always excited by change, growth and by new challenges that lie ahead; and this time is no exception.

Watch this space!


Will Kitson – Managing Editor



Published: August 27th, 2015

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