We're back! With NEW public hours for the SEYMOUR+ space


We are so excited to be back! We had a great Summer break and we are fired up and ready for all that is ahead!

This season we’ve got NEW! public hours for the SEYMOUR+ space

Starting September 1st the space will be open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 12 Noon to 8pm.

We will be closed on Sundays.

On Mondays and certain weekday mornings we will begin offering a program of sessions, talks and workshops. Linked to our mission, our programming will often explore the nature of identity and altered states of consciousness, as well as provide a deeper understanding of the SEYMOUR+ space modalities and how to incorporate this practice into daily life. These events will also offer an opportunity for discussion and interaction among members of the Seymour community. Stay tuned to our main website’s events page for upcoming programming. —–> HERE

The SEYMOUR+ space will also continue to be available for privatization in order to accommodate those who wish to come as a group and have the space to themselves. Privatization is now possible on Mondays and mornings before Noon. For rates and additional information, please contact Nora Lalle: nora@seymourprojects.com

We’ve also got plans to do some more collabs with awesome partners on a variety of off-site projects and products. Much truly exciting stuff in the pipeline that we’ll announce soon!

We look forward to seeing you all the SEYMOUR+ space !

Here’s to a great ‘rentrée’ for us all!

xx Team Seymour xx



Published: August 27th, 2015

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