IMG_7833-e1420713912844WILL KITSON is Managing Editor of Seymour Magazine.

Will holds a Masters in English Literature from King’s College London, prior to which he earned a BA in Creative Writing (with Honours) from the University of Greenwich.  Previous to his post at Seymour Magazine, Will has worked as a Reviewer, Copy Editor and Editorial Assistant/Arts Administrator at A Younger TheatreBlake Friedmann Literary Agency and Brand Literary Magazine, respectively.


‘You cannot step twice into the same river; for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you.’ – Heraclitus

Vintage Photo | If you know who photographer is, let us know so we can credit.

Vintage Photo | If you know who photographer is, let us know so we can credit.

Here at Seymour we’re getting ready to take our annual August break – going on vacation and to our respective homelands in order to reenergise and reinvigorate ourselves in preparation for the new and exciting challenges that lie ahead. Such is the tradition in France.

However, we realise that, for many, August is a month like many others: of work, rigour and continuation. But does that mean that you can’t allow yourself the occasional pause in order to relax, disconnect, to be introspective? The above quotation from Heraclitus suggests that no two things are the same, including days, months, feelings and opportunities.

Heraclitus and many of his Greek contemporaries propagated a philosophy of the self-evident; that is to say, we each of us have the power to create our own impression upon the world internally, regardless of external factors. This philosophy became the bedrock of western thinking for over two thousand years, only recently becoming challenged by empirical scientific thought.

Perhaps August could symbolise, for all of us, the opportunity for pause and reinvigoration. Whether you’re on holiday and have plenty of time to reflect and relax, or you’re continuing with your everyday routine, we each of us have the chance to make the ordinary extraordinary; to make every day unique; to carve out 30 minutes here and there in order to be vital; to consider the possibility that no two things are the same; to realise that good things start on the inside and work their way out.

W.K. 2015

Published: July 30th, 2015

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