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Marie Mamonia


MARIE MAMONIA is a poet and founder of We make Peace. Born in Denmark, Marie now lives in Brooklyn, New York where she practices Reiki, exploring the realm of possibilities by healing the body and the mind. For several years Marie has been experimenting with visual poetry lulling you into a stream of consciousness, a surrealistic experience, a hypnotic song. Click HERE.


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What if all at once the world woke up to the same realization that Everything Is Energy?

What if “we” integrated this statement as truth and took it on board on a deep, metaphysical level?

Everything Is Energy has been acknowledged and celebrated again and again. From primitive cultures to scientific societies, from artists to political and spiritual leaders. All bear evidence of the same findings which conclude: if everything is energy, we are all connected. What if we finally allowed this groundbreaking scientific fact of the universe to be deeply engrained in us, in our lives and all of our institutions? What if we began to truly live by this knowledge? What if we truly allowed this information to flourish in our lives?

Everything is energy, connecting with everything around us.

Science tells us that energy is that constant force that flows through the entire Universe. There is energy in all things dead and alive. Scientifically energy is often described as the ability to do work. Energy cannot be destroyed or created. It simply is, and it permeates everything. It is constantly recycled. It is what we are, what our bodies, our houses, our belongings, plants, animals and all of nature is made of. We are all made of the same stuff, which incidentally flows and changes all of the time.

What if you were to think of yourself as a major radio tower emitting radio signals around you, like invisible ripples of water? What if the universe is out there, pulsating, listening? What if it is conscious and sensuous reacting to all signals being transmitted?

When we fully embrace our inter-connectedness it alters our perspective and our consciousness. We begin to see ourselves, our lives and the world in a new light. Many great poets, artists and thinkers have created monumental and inspirational works reflecting this notion. The idea of oneness opens up the heart. It allows us to expand the love for ourselves, for others and the world. Essentially, it is a belief that I am you. You are me. And so we become one, we become connected. We begin to see the oneness in everything. Take anyone’s family tree, and it will lead you to that same wisdom: We are all connected.

There is already proof of this notion: someone angry walks into the room, we pick up on it immediately. We just call it “bad vibes”. But what of it was the energy waves that inter-connect us?

Another aspect of this same notion is that of influence: what you think and do, affects what I think and do.What if our thoughts, words and actions impacted our surroundings everyday? What if by a simple thought, we could choose how we wish to impact the world? If that were the case, what if by sending out high, vibrational love frequencies, you are contributing this positive energy to the world? What if in doing so you were more likely attract the same frequency back into your world, because like attracts like?

What if this information were difficult to absorb unless you’d already had some kind of experience of oneness, be it a sense of connection with nature, a unifying rock concert or transcendental experience brought on by a psychotropic substanceTake heart just by you reading this now, suggests that you have already or are ready to absorb this truth. So take a moment to breathe and to appreciate that you’ve invited this information to find you. Take a deep breath and intend for this information to sink deeply into your soul. What if you were to place your hands over your heart and repeat: I am connected with all things 3 times.

Feels pretty nice doesn’t it? One of the cool “side-effects” of becoming aware of our inter-connectedness with everything in the quantum soup is, that it makes it impossible for us to hurt one another. We simply cannot hurt one another and have the awareness of being connected. It would be self-sabotage. Knowledge empowers and transforms people to take responsibility for themselves. It makes it impossible to be egoistic. Nothing in nature is egoistic. Everything in nature seems to convey the message of oneness, consistently singing the same song of giving. Giving is selfless. And despite what many people think, we are not separate from nature. We have simply lost our connection to it. We also often live our lives completely or partly detached from our own true nature lost in our own mind-noise – like a prison. What if we stopped feeding this negative lacking and nagging voice in our heads. What if we stopped drinking or drugging ourselves senseless to find a way out? A sense of momentary relief? What if stopped filling the our sense of lack with a cookie, a doughnut, a shot of whiskey or a cup of coffee to numb the pain?

What if we stepped into our power and harnessed our free will to choose in this moment to understand how our thoughts impact us and all life around us energetically? What if we knew how to creative the life we want for ourselves and the world?

I wish someone had taught me this at school instead of hammering in the general belief that we are separate, innately bad and powerless unless we make a lot of money.

What if the first lesson we were all taught was

You are extremely important and extremely powerful?

What if?



Published: May 28th, 2015

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