S+ Stimulant: Flutes


Flutes and recorders may be, for some of us, an unpleasant reminder of grade school recitals and tedious music lessons, but their presence has been a pervading part of human history and our relationship with music, nature, and spirituality.

Dating back to around 40,000 BC, flutes are the most ancient musical instrument besides the human voice. They have played an important part in a variety of cultures, being the musical symbol of Krishna in Hinduism, Eros and Dionysus in Greek mythology, and Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. 

Despite being an instrument adopted by many varied cultures throughout a great many periods in history, the flute’s attributes seem to often be consistently affiliated with great mystery, mischief, and magic. It is often said to have enchanting qualities; for instance, Krishna is said to have mesmerised cow girls with his divine melodies, and the Pied Piper lured the children of the town away in revenge with his tune.

It has been suggested that the pure and crystalline notes of the flute have a direct effect on our psyche, that the sound resonates with our consciousness on a deep level. Is it possible that the flute contains a genuine magical quality? What do you think it is about this instrument that appeals to our more spiritual side?


W.K. 2015

Published: January 29th, 2015

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