Mark Twain writing in bed.

Mark Twain writing in bed.

A Case for Early Morning Mind

Despite our best efforts, many of us still wake with an anxiety about the day ahead. A simple and effective way to start off on a secure note is to consciously tap into your morning mind.

By observing your mind when it is still not fully conscious, you will discover, more often than not, areas of thinking that go largely unexplored throughout the day. What is your very first thought when you wake up? What feelings are you feeling? The idea isn’t to reach for positive at all costs, but more to take notice. If the thought is a dark one, accept it, feel it fully, try to understand why you feel that way and then drag it into the light. It just might dissipate as promptly as a Vampire faced with a rising dawn.

Morning mind is also a great way to approach a creative project if you’re feeling a little blocked, the subconscious is a treasure chest of latent memories and ideas; mornings before you have begun to intellectualize everything are a great time to access these thoughts before the soldiers of rationality have charged in.


W.K. 2014

Published: September 23rd, 2014

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