Photo from archives of the Kewaunee Public Library in Wisconsin

Ship Christening. Photo from archives of the Kewaunee Public Library in Wisconsin

★ Big News ★


We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening a Seymour space in Paris this November 2014.

Since 2011, Seymour has existed as a nomadic initiative supported by the pro-bono efforts of a dedicated group of individuals who kindly and tireless donated their time and talent to the daily operations, evolution and growth of this small underground project.

For these first 3 years, Seymour communicated principally via our weekly online magazine and a series of ephemeral interactive ‘pop up’ events in Paris and New York.

In August 2014, Seymour secured its official status as a non-profit Fonds de Dotation under French fiscal law. Going forward, Seymour will continue to exist through a combination of philanthropic donations and monies earned from the products, services and events we propose; the benefits of which will be reinvested into creating increasingly compelling and constructive offerings for our public.

Our permanent base of operations will be located on Boulevard de Magenta near the Canal St Martin in Paris. Seymour will now be able to provide you with a reliable and enduring space from which to take regular breaks from technology to nurture your mind, explore your subconscious, cultivate your imagination & uncover your authentic creative voice.

Stay tuned for further details about the space and the official opening date.



Published: September 2nd, 2014

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