Andi Paradis

Andi Paradis


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ANDI PARADIS is an intrepid  22 year old currently working on her BA in Entrepreneurship, and getting her Pilot’s license. She enjoys doing aerobatics in small airplanes, backcountry skiing, and rock climbing in the desert in the middle of nowhere of Nevada and the the Eastern Sierra’s, California.


What if?

What if coincidence doesn’t exist?

What if running into that boy in the supermarket, or meeting the person who would eventually land you that killer internship on the side of a 900ft. granite face, or  seeing the person who would prepare you for the best week of your life in that hot spring in the middle of the desert- was actually not coincidence, but just- what was supposed to happen?

Are we so self-conscious that we don’t believe that boy would want to talk to us?

Do we not believe that we haven’t worked hard enough to deserve that internship?

Are we not confident that we could have conjured up the best week of our lives regardless of whether or not we met that one person that one time?

Why do we second-guess ourselves? Why do we automatically assume, ‘it’s just coincidence.’

Then again, what if coincidence, right alongside deja-vu, is just our lives that we’re living in the parallel to the one we believe to be ‘reality,’ crashing, colliding, and coexisting without us knowing it in the conscious realm?

What if that boy is your husband in that parallel?

What if that internship is the career from which you will retire after 50 years in that parallel?

What if that week of your life was a well-deserved vacation in that parallel?

What if that parallel is reality? What if reality is that parallel?

What if?




Published: March 4th, 2014

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