Hal Prince & Elaine Stritch

Hal Prince & Elaine Stritch

S+ Stimulant: Elaine Stritch


Elaine Stritch is a legendary American performer. Throughout her long and illustrious career she has appeared in numerous Broadway shows, films and television programs. Apart from her phenomenal talent she is perhaps best known for her sense of humour and outspoken manner.

Despite her innate talent, professionalism and experience, the clip below shows her struggling in a recording session with Stephen Sondheim and Hal Prince, to nail, what would become her trademark song.

A rare and intense peek into the creative process, it is a riveting 7 minutes to watch. Painful, complex, but ultimately triumphant. A great reminder that while we all have innate talent within us, the courage to overcome our blocks and push to beyond our ‘limits; is what ultimately brings us to the best in ourselves.



To hear the audio of the full final recorded version, click: HERE.

Published: December 3rd, 2013

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