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Dear All,

I hope you enjoy our little video greeting card, our gratitude is deeply heartfelt. 2013 has been a wild and wonderful year for us: interactive projects in Paris & New York, events, products, new team members, and more!

But Seymour still remains an intimate initiative that stemmed from a very personal experience that I had a few years ago, (you can read about it: here) and I can’t even begin to express to you how much it means to me that with your help, I have been able to transform that experience into a series of projects that encourage others to seek out this wonderful state of ‘flow’… that magical transcendence of time and space that happens when one is fully engaged in a passionate creative pursuit.

I was very moved when I read Will Kitson’s editorial for this issue, one of the most rewarding aspects of growing Seymour has been the intelligence, talent and generosity of all the people who have come to participate in the creation and expansion of its projects. I don’t currently have the resources to remunerate our magazine contributors or project collaborators, and yet, week after week, they continue to donate their time and energy with enthusiasm. From my home office and various points around the globe, we all work together diligently to bring you this magazine and everything else we do.

Thank you, our audience, for your unwavering support and for your loyalty to us as we feel our way forward. You are our motivation, our mirror. Without you all, none of what we have accomplished would be possible.

Thank you.


Melissa Unger

Founder, Seymour Projects



Published: December 17th, 2013

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  1. Andrei Papuc wrote:

    Thank you Melissa
    thank you all.

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