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Willow Borain is 13 years old, born 15 September 2000 she lives in Cape Town South Africa.
Willow attends a local movement school called Kronendal Primary School, her favourite subjects include drama and art. Next year she will be going to Camps Bay High. Her hobbies are playing the guitar, surfing, swimming and writing. Her passion is art. When she grows up she wants to be an artist and a guitarist.


What if?

The simple question used continuously when one wants to escape from reality and simply end up dreaming. Normally one will ask “what if” and take joy for the few seconds “what if” is possible, but this is not as great as one thing, REALITY.

So my question here is, what if what we call reality is only a dream?

One day I’ll wake up to find my parents flying their magic carpet to Mount Never-rest. They will be dressed in robes and hats one would find at a rock concert. My older brother will be mingling with my cup. My younger brother will be on his way to get married for the 9th time this week. On my way to school I will bust a move with Michael Jackson, after I ask him what his nose is made out of. When I get to school everybody will part like the Red Sea and bow down before me. My teacher will give me gummy bears and tell us how top hats came into power. When I get home I will create a fairy and call her Annabelle. When I get bored I will go down to Grand Central Station and polish people’s fingernails. At night my family will come around the campfire, of course my younger brother will be there with his new wife, Lil Wayne. We will share our war stories. I will talk about the time I defeated Harry Potter with my bff Voldermort and how I stole the magic egg from the dinosaur. After we will dance and fly. Peter Pan, Mary, and their newborn baby will join us. A tidal wave will sweep us off our feet and we will surf into the moonlight.

What if?



Published: November 19th, 2013

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