S+ Stimulant: Nose Art


Nose Art – or aircraft graffiti – is a painting, design, or logo printed onto the fuselage of a military aircraft. Nose art originated during the early years of WWI. The first documented example was in Italy, 1913, with a sea monster painted onto an Italian flying boat. This was followed by the popular practice of painting mouths underneath the propeller spinner, initiated by German pilots.

Nose art became particularly prominent during WWII; and while the practice was banned by the Navy, and uncommon in the British RAF, it flourished in the US Air Force as it was seen as a way to boost morale.

noseartThe practice of Nose art allowed individuals to express their individuality in the midst of the often constrained and impersonal uniformity of the military. Creators of Nose art have described it as a cathartic exercise which evokes memories of home and peacetime, whilst providing a psychological protection against the stresses of war.

Nose art is often anonymous and ephemeral; it is not sold for profit nor do the creators receive recognition for their work. It is done for pride, passion, comfort, and strength.


[source: Wikipedia]

Published: October 1st, 2013

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