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S+ Stimulant: Journey Into Self - Carl Rogers


Journey into Self  is a film which portrays a 16-hour group-therapy session for “eight well-adjusted people” who had never met before. The session was led by psychologists Carl Rogers and Richard Farson. The participants included a cashier, a theology student, a teacher, a principal, a housewife, and three businessmen. The film won the 1968 Academy Award for Best Documentary feature.

The question explored by Rogers and Farson focuses on the commonalities that exist within each individual, no matter how different they may appear on the surface. By being subjected to such an intense session of ‘talking therapy’ the participants break through their exterior barriers, shed their masks / egos, and achieve a genuine empathy and understanding for one another. The collective unconscious is exposed to reveal a heartwarming unity and sensitivity amongst these seemingly different individuals.

This level of challenging self-exploration is essential to the most honest creative process. By unearthing and showing others our greatest vulnerabilities we somehow achieve the paradox between distinct individuality and global affinity. By tapping into this deep level of self all creations will be unique, authentic, and fascinating; likewise, it will appeal to the inner, shared pith which exists in us all.


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Published: October 29th, 2013

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