Nocturnal Emissions Project: REGINALD CINEUS

The drawing was done on March 08, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia while at my school around 1:40 am. My name is Reginald Cineus, I’m 25 and finishing my last year of art school at SCAD-Atlanta where I study sculpture and creative writing, I’m native to an island in the Caribbean called Haiti and grew up in New York. You’ll notice that my eyes are yellow in the pics that’s because I have sickle cell, it’s not bad color correction (ha ha.)  When I found out about this call for submissions I was very excited because although I do mainly sculpture and writing I do a lot of these abstract sketches and mostly when I’m stressed and/or tired. That particular night I couldn’t sleep so I walked to the school to be near some wifi. The cause of stress is not knowing the next step for developing new artwork, no food at home, and figuring out how to pay for school.


Published: September 22nd, 2013

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