Nocturnal Emissions Project: CATHERINE TALESE

June 22, 2013. 2am, 2nd Street between Ave A & 1st Ave, N.Y.C.

It’s 2am late June in the East Village, there is no breeze  –the trees hold onto their sweetness & don’t exhale  –  tomorrow for sure will be another ozone warning health advisory– stay inside if you’re young or old because there’s nothing to breath out here.

While I lay awake, neighbors have been gathering at Stonewall – rouge smeared & sweaty but sexy none the less ­­­­­– cheering the issue being argued by Supreme Court; DOMA & Prop 8, the right for marriage equality, – the ruling has yet to come down.

Edward Snowden is somewhere in Russia where it may be cooler – Assange’s lawyers make phone calls on extradition around the globe ­– the NSA listens in.

The supermoon sees everything – it’s perigee tenderly lights the night. I am a light sleeper, an early riser, and a night bird and lay in this heat thinking of moving – get up!

Walking away from Alphabet City, passed the blank brick wall where movies are screened through the windowpane of the bar across the street, and along the sidewalk are diagonally parked cars in front of the parking lot, Citibikes make headlines and one wonders about that bailout.

The meaning of forgetting takes redefining in the data age – icloud & isolation, mindfulness or the magnets that wiped it clean.

Fix this specific tree on this block tonight on Tri-X celluloid, print it, and picture someone picking it up at a yard sale.

Photographer unknown.

2nd Street 2am_CTalese


Published: September 22nd, 2013

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