Will Kitson- Managing Editor- Seymour Magazine

Will Kitson- Managing Editor- Seymour Magazine

Meet our new Managing Editor


Dear readers,

We hope you had a great Summer. At, Seymour, we stuck to our August=offline challenge and greatly enjoyed our Internet-free month. Now we’re back and we’re ready to rock.

You’ll see lots of exciting new developments in the coming months. First off: After two years of joyful publication, I will be handing the daily duties of Seymour Magazine over to the dashing Will Kitson so that I can focus on the growth of Seymour’s other projects. In the coming months as Will’s intelligence and ideas begin to permeate the publication you can expect it to grow into an increasingly useful resource for you.

I will remain active as Editor-in-Chief, and Will and I will regularly work together to imagine and develop Seymour Magazine’s future.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Will!

Will holds a Masters in English Literature from King’s College London, prior to which he earned a BA in Creative Writing (with Honours) from the University of Greenwich. He joins the team at Seymour after having worked as a Reviewer, Copy Editor and Editorial Assistant/Arts Administrator at A Younger TheatreBlake Friedmann Literary Agency and Brand Literary Magazine, respectively. He cites among his skills : creative problem solving & rising to new challenges…

+ bonus: he plays guitar!

I have already begun working behind the scenes with Will; he is brilliant, thoughtful and courageous and I feel certain that his contribution to Seymour Magazine’s future will be invaluable.

In closing, dear readers, my profound thanks for your loyal support of Seymour Magazine and all of our other projects.

Here’s to the future!

Melissa Unger

Founder, Seymour Projects




Published: September 3rd, 2013

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