Photo courtesy of Paddy McDougall

Photo courtesy of © Paddy McDougall

Seymour Magazine’s next issue will be Sept. 3th, 2012.

A case for spending August offline

At Seymour, August = Offline.

Like us, you’re probably on the Internet way more than is healthy, so why not join us on our yearly break?

We invite you to spend 31 days offline to relax your mind, explore your subconscious, cultivate your imagination & express your authentic creative self.

Don’t worry, we’re not demonizing technology or implying that it should be an either/or proposition. We simply believe in balance.

Think of this offline period as a free spa vacation for your mind.

In the hours you’d usually spend online this Summer,  laze around instead. How’s that for a good deal? Just look out the window or close your eyes and let your thoughts just flow wherever they want to go. Then maybe tackle a project that calls for your imagination, or get out there, get dirty and do something with your hands- make, build, create.


Here’s the preparation plan for these last 2 weeks of July:

Get inspired: You’ll find tons of inspiring articles & interviews to read here in Seymour Magazine.

Also check out the ‘projects’ section of our main website to get info on how to participate in our current imagination boosting creative group projects:

Get motivated: Make a list of all the things you miss doing (that includes doing NOTHING) or projects you’ve postponed because you ‘don’t have time.’  You’ll be amazed how much extra time you have when you’re not online for a few weeks.

Disconnect for the month of August: For those who will use work as excuse- business Internet use is allowed. Just no Internet surfing during your private time- try surfing your mind instead! And remember this is kind of like a diet- if you screw up one day, don’t give up,  its no big deal if you don’t make the whole 31 days, the idea is just to get in the habit of cutting down.

So, that’s it for now, we’re outta here.  Seymour Magazine’s next issue will be Sept. 3th, 2012.

Thank you all for your incredible support and passionate participation in all of Seymour’s projects.

Everything we do, including this magazine, is a labor of love.

We hope you continue to enjoy Seymour’s projects as much as we enjoy creating them.

Have a great Summer. See you in September!

xx Team Seymour xx


ps: Here’s an essay that we hope will inspire you [READ THIS]


Special thanks to Paddy McDougall for the use of his photograph. To view more of his work, please visit:

Published: July 16th, 2013

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