S+ Stimulant: John Cassavetes


John Cassavetes was an American filmmaker and is often thought of as the father of U.S. Independent film. Creating the bulk of his films outside the studio system so that he could retain creative freedom; he financed them himself via paychecks he earned as an actor. Cassavates pioneered the use of improvisation in movies resulting in the widely imitated cinéma vérité style.  His films are a symphony of human emotion which boldly illustrate the glorious maelstrom that is life.


“All my best ideas come from having no answer – from not knowing. You never know the truth of the matter until you do it. And just when you think you know a picture everything starts to be something else. And you have to understand that’s not going wrong. That’s just the way things are.” – John Cassavetes






Seymour suggested viewing:

A Woman Under The Influence.








Published: February 12th, 2013

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