What if? An open-ended question.

We will be publishing a series of short philosophical & metaphysical essays submitted by our readers in this “What if?” space in coming months.

To help kick things off, our founder – Melissa Unger decided to go first. The ideas put forth below are rather esoteric, we encourage you to think as openly and wildly as you want, this is an exercise in which every idea is a good one, and the impossible is possible.

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What if?


What if all the world is energy? What if this energy is present in all of us? What if energy flows between all things, plants, humans, ‘inanimate’ objects? What if everyone and everything is linked by this energy?

What if we were to understand that this energy will be accepted as a ‘sixth’ sense in the future. Not in an mystical way, but in a concrete scientific manner- an additional law of nature that will be discovered. What if once this law is discovered and proven, our current way of perceiving the world will seem as antiquated as when we imagined that the world was flat.

What if this ‘law’ shows us irrefutably that thoughts are energy and that we can communicate and shape the world via our thoughts? It is well-known that we only employ a small percentage of our brain power. What if training one’s mind is like training a muscle, and that with daily practice and exercise its power grows? What if one day we will not only be able to communicate via our thoughts/feelings, but we will also be able to influence the daily outcomes of our lives, in essence to create the reality we wish to live?

Exploring our subconscious is then perhaps a good first step toward becoming aware of something ‘other’ that goes on beneath ‘regular’ thinking, a second layer of ‘self’, one that is not fully mastered or understood. Imagination & dreams, are also part of this  under explored world. What if they held the key to the future of humanity? How odd that people currently go about their daily lives with such apparent certainty when so much of their world (both inner and outer) is as yet unexplained. Wouldn’t it be cool to know more?

What if we are at a critical juncture in human history when this ‘sixth’ sense is finally poised to really take root? What if technological advances have laid the foundation for this breakthrough? What if the Internet is the seed of it all, but that it has to be harnessed correctly in order to properly fulfill its purpose? What if it was up to each and every one of us to ensure that this ‘ship’ of intended progress does not pass us by? (How many times have we missed the boat already?)

What if Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of the Noosphere was correct? What if the energy described above, all of our thoughts, hence all of humanity, are linked? What if the Internet not only allows us to experience altered temporality and physicality, it also begins weaving together the web of humanity?

The creation and adoption of social networking sites are perhaps the most important thing to happen in this millennium in terms of harnessing human potential, yet most leadership groups seem focused on commercial applications when discussing their ramifications (both positive and negative.)

Humanity has literally managed to create a world wide web!

For the first time in human history much of the global population is in contact with one another. Why are we not discussing the potential of this each and every day? This technology recently facilitated revolutions and showed a taste of the power of social networks and the Internet to shape world happenings- but soon it was back to business as usual. What if everyone got together on the power of this thing, what if people began to better understand the Internet’s precursory role in the development of humanity and the furthering of our sensory capabilities?

What if the Internet is like training wheels on a bike? What if it allows us to ‘practice’ communicating all together with a form of ‘support’, a ‘safety’ net if you will. Like a circus trapeze artist who, when learning, leaps from swing to swing with the safety of a net beneath him, and who once proficient enough, will perform ‘without a net’. What if once we have advanced sufficiently, the web will melt away and we will communicate without it- just via our thoughts?

What if?


 M.U. 2013

Published: January 29th, 2013

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  1. can’t wait for the web to melt !

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