David Bowie wearing a kimono & playing ping pong

Play. It's good for your imagination.


Do you hear what I hear?
Do you see what I see?
Colin, I want you to use your imagination
You wake up one morning and you ask yourself
Why am I so exciting?
What makes me dramatic?
You’re trying to say something about yourself
The dazzling crime of wisdom
You fall for reality
You’re bruised and bewildered
Then you learn to fall in love with yourself
That’s motivation

You raise yourself high
Presenting your soul
You step from the shadows
You hear the command
An image to dream
You tremble permission
Tomorrow’s rewards bloody skies of today
You’ll step out of time
Into life’s every dream
A life of such powerful meaning

Now you has class
Now you has splash
Now you has mass motivation

-From ‘That’s Motivation’. Lyrics by David Bowie.


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To watch the trailer, click: here.



Published: December 11th, 2012

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