Derek Jarman in his loft.

This holiday season, we encourage you to take a break from technology. To help your family & friends unplug, consider giving your loved ones some inexpensive classic gifts that help to relax and open the mind.

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Hourglass: A beautiful object & a great way to take a technology break. Just breathe, relax and watch the sand trickle down.








Ant Farm: Come on, there’s no need to talk you into this one…you know you cool it is. Just get one, turn off the computer and watch the ants go about their daily business.








Lava Lamp:  Zone out, pimp out your pad and learn about physics at the same! The lava lamp is the Archimedes Principal in action. Watch a video explaining it all: HERE.








Newton’s Cradle: Your Dad had one on his desk. You played with it for hours. Enough said.

For info about the science behind this object, click: here.








Black Light Poster: Great for post-holiday hangover/digestion. Turn down the regular lights, turn up the black lights, and enter the the alternate reality of your chosen poster.









Published: December 11th, 2012

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