Surf Your Mind Project: KATE HILEY

Bermondsey V22. London, England

October 26th, 2012

@ 11:04pm


I grew up in London, moved to Paris, travelled to many countries and moved back to London one month ago to join a studio course here in Bermondsey; the Turps Banana Art School. It’s been a busy visual time in transit, staying still for a while is turning out to be a distinctly new and interesting experience.


I was alone in the studio last Friday night the 26th of October, and decided before leaving to close my eyes and surf my mind – it would seem that my subconscious has a thing for trees.

Published: September 27th, 2012


  1. I’ve never seen the beauty, the souls of trees as you have painted here. Really amazing. Trees have been the single most desired obsession of mine, thousands of light-years beyond such things as, for example, self-help psychology in western civilization. And thousands and thousands of years before. For me trees are living prayers. Singers of vedic music/ history/ lore/ scripture/ sacred/ and children’s ecstasy.

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