Maxence Gallot & Natacha Rottier with the participation of Raphael Duchosal, Pierre Louis Brun, Magalie Biolley    

Le Col du Petit Saint Bernard, France

October 14th, 2012


The “Black Goat Revival” collective is very inspired by the soul of mountains, so this project immediately caught our eye.


The gang decided to explore “Le col du Petit Saint Bernard” right next to La Rosière Ski Resort. Located in the French Alps inside the Italian border and surrounded by the Mont Blanc- king of the French Alps, there is no doubt of the natural power of this plateau. This special site is really close to where we live. It’s kind of a no-man’s land, mystical and secret, marked by the Second World War and some mysterious archeological discoveries.

Our minds began their journey here, just by letting go and experiencing the silence and the present moment. We just sat on the ground and got inspired by the magic elements around us. It is the sensation that we feel when we are in the mountains that we wanted to share with you, and help you to experience. It is only when our senses are heightened beyond the ordinary perception of space, sound and light that a fresh dialogue emerges and that we are able to begin to follow our true creative instincts.



Published: September 30th, 2012

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