AGNES SINELLE is a jewelry designer and the owner of the intimate & whimsical Paris boutique Dante & Maria.  Agnès favors handmade, vintage and artisnanal items.

In her monthly column, she spins a story through which she shares her suggestions for creative and rebellious gift-giving. Click on the underlined words for information about the pictured item.




Oh gosh…you can’t escape it…

No matter how old you are it’s that time of the year again…here we go…back to the existential questions…
If I wear this sweatshirt will it make me look thinner?
If I read the right books will I get to hang out with the hot ones?
If I eat this chocolate will it make me brighter?
If I wear this hipster watch will it make me one of them?
 If I carry this bag will someone finally notice me?
…and if I write with these pencils, will anyone understand what I feel?
…this is so confusing…what to do?

Stay gold, les misfits.
À bientôt
xx Agnès


Published: September 3rd, 2012

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