Armchair Philosophizing with Melissa Unger

I am always reading, listening, looking at various subjects in the hopes of better understanding the source of creativity and imagination. I come across people & things in nature, science, philosophy, medicine, the arts, etc that spark my interest and inspire me.

Some are rather esoteric, but I think one has to roam the edges of what’s accepted in order to find innovative solutions and move thought & culture forward.  I am inspired by a wide range of people & subjects, but am particularly fond of pluridisciplinary minds such as Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, Leornardo Da Vinci, Muhammad Ali, Walt Whitman, Patti Smith & Terence McKenna. I’m pretty sure Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was right about the Noosphere and though I have never tried any myself I think that intelligent and moderate use of psychedelics is the key to advancement in many fields.

Throughout the year, I’ll share some subjects I came across in my research that I found particularly interesting. I hope you’ll enjoy them and that they will inspire you to stay curious.





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Inspiring TED talk by Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor












Brain Coral

Just because it’s cool.










Psilocybin’s Mystical Properties confirmed in 2006 Washington Post











The Pineal Gland. A wild notion, but worth thinking about.











Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project

A peek into the future.











Terence McKenna lecture on the Artist’s role in society

Stick with this. The start is messy, but gets interesting.






Published: May 29th, 2012

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