AGNES SINELLE is a jewelry designer and the owner of the intimate & whimsical Paris boutique Dante & Maria.  Agnès favors handmade, vintage and artisnanal items.

In her monthly column, she spins a story through which she shares her suggestions for creative and rebellious gift-giving. Click on the underlined words for information about the pictured item.




A lonely girl wearing lovely hand-printed socks

…dreams that she is sailing on a marvelous lightship...

…she highlights passages from love poems she wishes had been written to her…

…she carves her initials + ? into the wood with her anchor pocketknife...

…in the windy darkness she uses her stormproof matches to start a fire…

…and brews gunpowder tea in her favorite handmade porcelain cup

…in the hopes of hooking a handsome sailor and living happily ever after…



Stay gold, les misfits.
À bientôt
xx Agnès





Published: March 27th, 2012


  1. Denise wrote:

    “In bocca al lupo” pour tout !

  2. jan wrote:

    Loving the adventure! Makes me want to ‘discover’ all the treasures…..

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