S+ Stimulant: Loie Fuller


The Serpentine Dance choreographed by Loie Fuller.

The film was recorded in 1896, by  Auguste and Louis Lumière and hand-colored frame by frame.

*Loïe Fuller was a pioneer of both modern dance and theatrical lighting techniques. An early free dance practitioner, Fuller developed her own natural movement and improvisation techniques. Fuller combined her choreography with silk costumes illuminated by multi-coloured lighting of her own design.

Born in the Chicago suburbs, her warm reception in Paris during a European tour persuaded Fuller to remain in France and continue her work. Loie Fuller’s original stage name was “Louie”. In modern French “L’ouie” is the word for a sense of hearing. When Fuller reached Paris she gained a nickname which was a pun on “Louie”/”L’ouie”. She was renamed “Loïe” – this nickname is a corruption of the early or Medieval French “L’oïe”, a precursor to “L’ouie”, which means “receptiveness” or “understanding”.

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*source: wikipedia

Published: November 19th, 2011

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